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perjantaina, maaliskuuta 24, 2006


Equinox came and went (if it actually can do that :) So far the amount of sunlight seems to be the only sign of spring. We're enjoying just about the coldest March in four decades and it's making me very very cranky. I was planning to start gardening on the first of April. Doesn't seem very likely now.

Bought some seeds though. MAN I JUST LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW. IT'S SNOWING LIKE MAD. I need to go and calm down.

Here's a picture though. Rosa rugosa "Hansa". I find it quite boring. Like the weather.

Rosa rugosa Hansa


At 24 maaliskuuta, 2006 16:41, Blogger MissTii said...

Hehe, hauska vertaus...

Your English seems very fluent, it's fun to read your blog even though you don't translate all your posts in Finnish :)

At 26 maaliskuuta, 2006 23:53, Blogger Narcissa said...

Kiitokset kehuista :) Tai siis: Cheers mate ;)


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